Nokia has made a new bid to cut down on its environmental footprint with its latest eco concept.

The Nokia Eco Sensor Concept has been conceived by the clever chaps at the Nokia Research Center.

It is a two-part device, which lets users stay connected with both "their friends and loved ones, as well as to their health and local environment".

It comprises a sensor unit, which you can wear on your wrist or on a neck strap (with solar cells that can power the device), and which can sense and analyse the environment, your health, and local weather conditions.

Users will be able to select which sensors their sensor unit contains, says the manufacturer.

Options include using the sensor as a personal trainer by opting for a heart-rate monitor and motion detector for measuring your walking pace.

For those wanting to monitor their environment, possibilities include an atmospheric gas-level monitor (including carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and ground-level ozone detectors) ultraviolet radiation sensor or subscription to environmental catastrophe warning and guidance system.

You could also opt for sensors that detect changes in the weather - such as air pressure, temperature and humidity.

The second part is a dedicated mobile phone, for which eco friendly design has been the main driver.

The phone (and sensor) will be as compact as possible and materials used in the design "will be renewable and/or reclaimed".

Technologies used inside the phone and sensor unit will also help save energy, says Nokia.

The company has pointed to the use of printed electronics, when "simple components are created by printing electrically conductive inks (nanoinks) onto surfaces such as plastic using standard printing processes", incorporating bio-materials and using reclaimed materials.

Nokia adds that NFC technology will relay information by touch from the sensors to the phone or to other devices that support that technology.

Nokia added its hope that the concept will drive debate: "By creating the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, we hope to stimulate an ongoing discussion and idea sharing – both within the mobile industry and with consumers".

"Through these discussions, we hope to gain a better understanding of what we can do with mobile technology in the near future and how we can lead the mobile industry towards a sustainable future."