In years to come the history of the Nokia N82 rumours, leaks and final launch may well be studied as an example of blogging and online tech journalism circa 2007.

We've had rumours, then prototype image renders, then blurry spy shots, then review device leaks, and now finally, ahead of the official launch tomorrow, we bring you the press pics.

It's like seeing an old friend once you've changed your spectacle prescription. The same, but very much in focus.

So, any regular readers will know the drill by now, but the N82 will be the most recent addition to Nokia's premium N-series device range.

It will be a 3G HSDPA handset, offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and boast that now famous 5-megapixel with Zenon flash and autofocus.

Keep it tuned to Pocket-lint tomorrow sometime after 12 noon to catch the final instalment of the saga after we get the official release from Nokia's launch event complete with pricing and availability.