Nokia has announced that its internet service for handsets, called WidSets, has launched out of Beta to become a new service platform.

WidSets works on Java enabled handsets from a range of manufacturers and via "widgets", so users can have one-click access to real-time online content without needing to go through a mobile browser.

"We've been delighted with the feedback we've had from the Beta trials of WidSets", said Jarmo Jokinen, Director of WidSets, Nokia Emerging Business Unit.

"During that time, we've had more than 3 million users register for the WidSets service on more than 300 models of mobile device. We've valued the early feedback, which has enabled us to launch a more compelling service for users and content providers."

The new platform offers improved search and a widget creation tool for quicker, simpler and more personalised options for creating widgets.

On the website, as well as via a mobile, people can review the widgets and see the latest, most popular or top rated widgets and share those with others.

Nokia has said it plans to pre-install WidSets in tens of millions of mobile phones during 2008, with the recently unveiled Nokia 8800 Arte to be the first handset to offer WidSets.