To ensure our iPhone coverage in the lead-up to the device's launch on 9th November is balanced, everyday between now and iDay, we will bring you one "iPhone Killer" that we believe is a worthy alternative to Apple's mobile.

In no particular order, the first up is Nokia's black 8GB N95, available through Vodafone in the UK, from free on certain contracts.

The 8GB model is the second generation of Nokia's "multimedia computer" and, aside from the increased memory - one of the few phones on the market to match the iPhone's 8GB capacity - there are other improvements too.

The design has been tweaked slightly, as well as given a black finish and the screen is larger than the first version as a 240 x 320 pixel, 2.8-inches QVGA TFT.

The handset gives you a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, MPEG4 VGA video as well as a front camera for video calling.

A-GPS functionality means the phone can offer assisted satnav support beyond the dedicated GPS chip in the unit and uses the mobile network to help plot where you are quickly.

The HDPSA connectivity means fast connection to online services are faster than GSM or EDGE.

Music-wise, the new N95 is one of the handsets that it compatible with Vodafone's all-you-can-eat music service MusicStation, but also can be used with the new Nokia Music Store.

The new N95 takes the original model's jack-of-all-trades feature set and refines it, which we think makes it a very attractive handset indeed - especially for free.