Nokia today introduced the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet in America, that they say signifies a new phase in portable internet communication.

This pocket-sized device connects either to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or over your Bluetooth mobile phone.

The Nokia N810 allows you to make internet calls, it offers a slide-out Qwerty keyboard along with its 4.13-inch touchscreen and boasts built-in maps and integrated GPS receiver

The Nokia N810 is powered by maemo Linux based OS2008, and has a highly customizable user interface and contains various novelties such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9, Bluetooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features.

The refreshed Video Gizmo, Skype and Rhapsody highlight some most popular downloads available while Boingo Wireless, Earthlink and The Cloud enable Wi-Fi connectivity, across thousands of different locations globally.

It is expected to start shipping in America mid November with an estimated retail price of $479, we've been told to expect a UK announcement on Thursday.