Launched in February, Nokia has revealed the Nokia Maps mobile application and the Nokia Map Loader for PCs have each been downloaded over a million times.

The interface for the service is getting an update - the application now has a "streamlined" user interface with improved nearby search and detailed categories. Other changes have also been made:

"Many people were saying that they didn't know how much data they were using, so we have added a data download counter in the map view. We also added a GPS status indicator so that you know when your device is connected to the satellites", said Michael Halbherr, head of location-based services for Nokia.

The Nokia PC Map Loader, used to side load maps on to the device before you need them has also received a tweak: "The improved Map Loader transfers the maps up to 10 times faster than the first version and enables downloading the voice guidance files".

Nokia is also updating the map coverage during the second half of 2007 to bring the total number of countries covered to over 150, with more than 50 of them navigable.

"Our goal is to have the world covered", said Halbherr, "We want our navigation customers to feel assured that when they travel abroad, their Nokia device has the relevant maps for them".

"A map is like an insurance policy against getting lost, you need it most when you are lost, and when that happens, it is invaluable."

Nokia Maps is being integrated into Ovi the "door" to Nokia's internet services, also including the Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps and N-Gage games.

Both new versions of Nokia Maps and the Nokia Map Loader are available to download for selected devices at