One of 2007's most popular mobys is getting not one, but two new looks when the Nokia 6300 goes red hot and cool white this autumn.

The mobile phone has been bought by over half a million people since it first went on sale in March this year.

It has been one of the best selling mobile phones this summer, according to GFK Telecoms Data which pegs it as the number one handset for May, June and July.

The new red and white options are just a cosmetic change for the handset, but might tempt you to go for the phone, if the previous black and stainless steel version was a bit too austere for your tastes.

Features, at a glance, include:

· 2-megapixel camera, 8x digital zoom
· MP3 player for up to 1500 tracks, FM stereo radio
· Multimedia messaging
· Video Player and Recorder
· Expandable memory: MicroSD card to 2GB
· Missed call/SMS alert lights
· USB/PC Synchronisation
· Integrated hands-free speaker
· Up to 3.5 hours talktime, up to 14 days standby time

The new Nokia 6300 colour variants will be available in the UK from September for the white version and October for the red.