Nokia has announced a series of new Bluetooth headsets and accessories ahead of IFA in Berlin, Germany this week.

Nokia say that the new models take on the company's Nseries handset design and are "ready to complement your multimedia computer".

The company has launched two Bluetooth headsets today; the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-903 and Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-902.

The BH-903 headset is Bluetooth compliant, supports compatible devices with Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP, HFP and HSP profiles and comes with an OLED display to act as a remote control.

Weighing in at 32 grams it will give you 15 hours of talk/music time cost around £135 and work with any phones and some of the newer Bluetooth supporting MP3 players.

The BH-902 will offer the same Bluetooth connectivity and also feature an OLED display. It will have a battery life of eight hours and weigh 18.2 grams. It will cost around £80.

In keeping with the music experience, Nolkia has also announced the launch of a set of Bluetooth speakers; the Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W.

Promising big sound the speakers will offer 3D stereo widening sound and dynamic bass control.

Developed in cooperation with D & M Premium Sound Solutions and styled in the premium finish of Nokia Nseries. This compact package comes with magnetic attachments for easy portability and a LED indicator for on/off, pairing mode and battery status. Available globally, the Nokia Bluetooth Speakers MD-7W will cost around £100.

Following on from the launch of the Nokia 500 Satnav device, Nokia has also announced the Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W.

The 31g GPS module has up to 10 hours of operating time comes in black and has an LED indicator to alert you to GPS activation, power and battery, and Bluetooth connectivity status. The GPS module will be available globally and cost an estimated £100.

Finally to cope with dwindling battery life, most N95 users are reporting that you have to charge daily, Nokia has announced the launch of the Nokia Power Pack DC-1.

The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 has reserve power of up to three batteries. Compatible with Nokia 2mm charging interfaces, the power pack has two charge output cables so you can easily charge two devices at the same time. Available globally, it will cost around £70.

Nokia says all of the above will be available by the end of the year.