With the Nokia N81 launch just 2 days away on the 29th, the RRS feed from the 070829 viral campaign has been updated with what is likely the last post:

As nonsensical as previous posts it states: "...of what lies in the near future. Not only is it a plausible scenario for this, but also a reasonable scenario for almost any on-the-go desire".

"A superior and boundless experience encompassing all of what we enjoy. We listen, we see, we read, we explore, we discover, we laugh, we share, we travel, we enlighten, we inform, we are informed."

"This is what we have come to ascertain, yet it calls for a development that keeps up with where we want to go. Now, finally, we are here..."

The N81, believed to be a 3G handset with 8GB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 2.4-inch screen, a standard 3.5mm audio jack, micro USB port, stereo speakers with a Symbian-based OS, is expected to debut on the 29th August.

This date, as well as providing a launch pad for this lively-looking offering, is also though to be where Nokia will launch at iTunes rivalling music download service.

"Come and witness the next stage of the evolution of the internet and mobility", is the teaser line on the invite providing clues to what might be about to come from the Finnish mobile giants.

"Join us at Nokia: Go Play to see how the latest developments will change the way we all experience and share the things that inspire us", it continues.

Whether it's as some speculate, a social-sharing music experience, a straight music download service or some kind of nifty new way to sideload music to your Nokia handset, stayed tuned to Pocket-lint.co.uk.

We will let you know all the details as soon as we have them as we will be attending the event on August 29th and will bring you all the latest Nokia news, pronto...