Nokia has announced a new 3G mobile phone that they say pairs original design and quality workmanship with outstanding features.

Reading between the lines on the scant info available for this new handset, although it has a respectable spec, it seems that its design is the key selling point for this new offering.

Nokia states the 6555 is an "accessible option" for "discerning consumers" so we assume this means it won't be too challenging to operate, while appealing with its shiny looks.

The Nokia 6555 is a quad-band GSM handset with the WCDMA functionality that features a smooth-back fold design with recessed hinge creating a seamless line when open.

The handset offers an "original analog timepiece" (that's a clock to you and us) displayed on the front that Nokia says "echoes the timeless elegance of high-end luxury".

The new 6555 features a QVGA 16 million color internal display on a 240 x 320 screen and boasts a camera with 6x zoom.

It's gorgeously thin for a 3G mobile and has 30MB user memory, with capacity for microSD expandable memory and Bluetooth connectivity.

"Mobile-savvy consumers expect superior quality and design. We understood that need, and so created the the Nokia 6555."

"The Nokia 6555 is a sophisticated accessory delivering the outstanding features that you expect from Nokia", said Markku Suomi, product group director, Mobile Phones, Nokia.

The Nokia 6555 will be available within the next month, the pre-tax price quoted on the press release is €200 (about £135).