Nokia is planning to launch what will be the first-ever social network created by a handset maker.

"Mosh" from Nokia aims to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop social networking with their cross-platform design.

You will be able to upload, share, collect, or download various media from your mobile phone as well as your desktop.

The kind of media you will be able to upload to your account will be extensive - audio, video, games, applications, documents and photos.

You will be able to browse through other user’s accounts, and then "share" any interesting media with your friends.

You will also be to "collect" media by getting Mosh to bookmark the file for later viewing or downloading and then organise it into categories.

The transition between the mobile and desktop interfaces is described as fairly seamless and the site looks good.

Fancy it? You can register your email address for a beta invite right now, link below.