Want to know more about what exactly Nokia is due to be launching on August 29th?

The rumoured music download service has been the focus of most speculation, but don't forget the news that some new Nokia devices were originally talked up too...

There's a brilliant Nokia viral site live now (link below) that suggests at least one mobile to be launched is the much anticipated N81.

We brought you news of this promising Nseries offering when specs'n'pics were previously leaked.

The N81 (pictured) is a sexy-looking Symbian-based slider phone that reportedly boasts an 8GB memory, is quad band, and has 2.4-inch QVGA screen display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

You could speculate that it would certainly fit nicely into any music-themed announcements with that ample memory capacity, there's no hint that the N82, leaked at the same, might launch too.

The site is worth checking out - although initially a blur of floating nonsense and eerie sounds, if you find the pause button in the middle with your cursor there's more than meets the eye...

Hit the pause whenever the floaty bits form into a phone-like shape and you'll be treated to a strange selection of short bursts of video clips before a countdown timer is revealed - to August 29th.

That, and the message "I'll be seeing you in the next episode...".

We were excited before, now we're