Nokia has announced a new range of handsets today including the Nokua 1650 and Nokia 2660.

The new handsets will come equipped with a flashlight, music-on-the-go via FM radio and MP3-grade ringtones, the 2660 includes memory for a 500-entry phonebook and integrated handsfree speaker function. Current price for the models look between €55 and €85 to become available in June.

The thinnest handset in Nokia's portfolio at a mere 9.9mm, the Nokia 2630 includes further technology the advanced. The 2630 include Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio and an easy-use camera.

The next model up is the 2760 with a digital camera that also allows video recording and playback. As an extension to the 2630, the 2760 combines Bluetooth and GPRS to access data on the go for email and internet. This model includes extra large storage for data and contacts.

The Nokia 2630 and 2760 should be available in the Autumn for between 85 and 90 euro.