There have been two rumours about Nokia today, neither of them yet officially confirmed by the phone manufacturer but enough to get our taste buds going.

Both to do with developments of the company’s handsets. First up, the launch of the new Nokia N95 has stirred whispers that all new Nokia phones are to include GPS chips.

Route 66 is the company that puts the GPS software on Nokia 6610s, and the UK office has been quoted to saying "Nokia's goal is to be at the top of navigation". Apparently, it won't just be Nokia's top-end mobiles that will be getting GPS - even Nokia's pay-as-you-go phones are expected to have chips in them.

The second unconfirmed story, Nokia is set to launch a premium mystery handset. This can be found on Carphone Warehouse's "Coming Up" page. Nokia has strongly denied it. The phone hasn't got a name but is similar to the 8800 with 2MP camera and MP3 player but an expected healthier 1GB of built-in memory.

We will keep you posted on these rumours and availability.