After the glut of mobiles released or announced at 3GSM, Nokia has followed it up with another special edition phone, this time for it's L'Amour collection.

The Nokia 7373 Special Edition has been designed in conjunction with designer Giambattista Valli, who has placed his stamp on the accessories and decoration.

Planned for release at Fashion Week, the 7373 "combines the splendor of the L'Amour Collection and the trendsetting talent of Giambattista Valli", Nokia breathlessly announced.

The Special Edition Powder Pink has been adorned with Valli's "iconic" pearl necklace for a strap as well as a little pink skull.

The Black Chrome model received a grosgrain and black crystal strap and a black skull.

A special edition wouldn't be a special edition without specially preloaded content; this model contains a "behind the scenes" video, and a selection of wallpapers, graphics, and a ringtone by the tune of Rhodium.

Get yours in March for €280 before subsidies.