In addition to an impressive array of business phones, Nokia has also launched a proper mobile TV phone, the N77, as well as a satnav phone, the 6110 Navigator.

Nokia calls the N77 a multimedia computer, but it's mainly geared toward watching mobile TV in the hopes that it will accelerate DVB-H mobile TV adoption.

Not available in the UK until 2008, it is launching in Ireland in the next month.

It's biggest feature is its 2.4-inch widescreen, which rivals the real estate of digital camera's displays, and integral to its user interface is a dedicated TV key that acts like the power switch on your television.

The device lets you set reminders when your favourite show is on so that you can activate your TV, while access to a Program Guide means you can choose your shows a week in advance.

The N77 support up to 2GB of memory and has integrated stereo speakers. It also features a 2MP camera, and works on 3G, EDGE, and GSM networks.

The 6110 Navigator is geared toward a different crowd, and has integrated GPS and AGPS. Rather than a dedicated TV key, it features a Navigator button that lets you quickly see where you are on a map, search for destinations, find routes, or locate points of interest.

Just because it's small, doesn't mean it compromises on the map service, as it has turn-by-turn 3D navigation, and suggests routes for either on foot or by car.

It's bundled with a regional map, but further services and mapping has to be bought online.

Connectivity includes HSDPA and GSM/EDGE, while other features include a 2MP camera with flash, video chatting, 40MB inbuilt memory, and an expandable memory slot.

Nokia's basic phone at today's launch is the 3110 classic, designed to be "robust and dependable". It works on triband networks, and will cost just €150 (without subsidies).

Despite being a budget model, it still has a 1.3MP camera, FM radio, music player, and Bluetooth.