Nokia has today introduced two new services for some of its devices, one to aid searching and one for personal navigation.

In the first instance, the company is making its smart2go mapping platform available as a free download for Nokia N60s and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, and then for other smartphones.

Smart2go allows for mapping in over 150 different countries, with maps provided by Tele-Atlas and Navteq, which are downloaded via wireless network and stories on memory cards.

In addition, the platform itself contains over 15 million points of interest, and lets users send locations to friends via MMS or Bluetooth, or even email.

An optional Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-3W provides your mobile with fully navigation abilities, while an upgrade to turn-by-turn navigation can be purchased for 1 week to 3 years.

The company has announced that its Mobile Search application is now able to search through stored content, so you can easily look through stored emails, text messages, calendar entries, and multimedia files.