Nokia has unveiled a new set of mobile phones, three designed as mid-range models and one for the entry-level consumer market.

Released at Nokia Capital Market Days in Amsterdam, the four news models are the 6300, 6290, 6086 and 2626.

Nokia calls the 6300 a model "that represents an evolution of the modern monoblock design". It measures around 13mm wide, and features a strengthening stainless steel frame. With easy-to-use features, the 6300 costs around €250.

The 6290 is a smartphone that combines the power of the S60 3rd edition and 3G in an attractive package. It supports practical new features like multiple alarms and Quick Cover access keys which enable instant access to a wide range of useful features including an interactive world travel application. Estimated street price before subsidies is €200.

Next up, the 6086 cameraphone is a quad-band GSM and UMA-enabled mobile that features a large keypad and intuitive user menu. The estimated street price of the Nokia 6086 is €200.

Finally the 2626 is designed for the "style-conscious" consumer in emerging markets, so most probably will not be found in the UK. Coming in a range of colours like red and blue, it includes an FM radio tuner, and is expected to sell for around €75.