A Nokia commissioned report from the London School of Economics predicts that mobile TV will make significant changes to the way we watch TV and the content that is created.

Nokia has a vested interest in convincing mobile users that mobile TV is worthwhile, but the report does make some interesting points about how mobile TV could impact what the viewers demand. It predicts that it will usher in a more personal and private TV experience, as users will not only be able to pick and choose from content, but create and upload their own. This is already playing out in the mobile TV that is already available, but the report predicts more widespread adoption and choice of broadcasts.

The report’s author, Dr Shani Orgad, points to the US TV channel Current TV as the future of TV, with 30% of its content being user-generated. She also points out that advertisers will be able to more accurately target their ads at levels not possible with traditional TV, and will have to develop 5 to 7-second ads in order to hold a viewer’s attention.

Interestingly, the way content is filmed and presented has to change to suit the tiny screen size, so that more “talking heads” and close-up shots will be used, and there will have to be an even greater emphasis on visually rich content.