Nokia has announced that it is working with a company called Orb Networks to turn the N80 Internet Edition phone into a device to stream media from your home PC.

The new agreement means that Orb MyCasting software will seamlessly facilitate access to media files through the N80’s web browser and media player.

Nokia has chosen to roll out the service in the US first, once the N80 Internet Edition starts shipping in November.

Nokia says that the idea is that the device allows for the creation of your own personal media portal. The software even lets you record TV programs remotely using a Digital Video Recorder Function, and then playback recorded shows on the device.

The N80 Internet Edition incorporates myriad connectivity options for online access, including wireless LAN, UPnP, and quadband GSM. Support is already built-in for VoIP, web browsing, connecting quickly via Wi-Fi, and photography with a 3MP camera.