Nokia has updated its 5500 Sport handset to integrate it with its XpressMusic range.

The 5500 Sport Music Edition has added a 512MB microSD card to the functionality of the previous handset, and also comes with a fitness carrying strap, bicycle holder, and a sports headset.

The strap lets you attach the handset around your waist or around your arm, just like a normal portable music device. The sports headset features an over-the-ear design so that you can listen to music comfortably while exercising.

The device is also bundled with the Nokia Music Manager application to make music transfer from the PC easy.

The “sports” feature of the handset comes into play with its integrated pedometer; an optional GPS module can also measure distance and calories burned while biking or skiing.

The 5500 Sport Music Edition has a dedicated mode button that lets you switch from phone to music to sports with one touch.

Other features include text-to-speech ability, and a 2MP camera. Look out for the triband phone to retail for about €350 (£236).