Nokia announced several big products yesterday in the run up to Christmas, but it wasn’t quite done. It also quietly launched three new music handset designed for a younger market, and dubbed them the XpressMusic range.

The top-of-the-range product in the series is the 5300, which is a slider phone with support for up to 2GB of microSD memory, enough to store 1500 audio tracks. It also features dedicated music keys, a 1.3MP camera, a 3.5mm headset jack, and a micro USB connector. To extend the functionality of the mobile, users can buy a Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W to stream music wirelessly to any stereo from their mobile. It’s expected to be on sale for around €250 without subsidisation.

In addition, Nokia also brought out the 5200, which offers similar features to the 5300 but is more “budget-friendly” in the company’s words. It’s expected to sell for €200. The 3250 handset has been refreshed as the 3250 XpressMusic, and has received double the music capacity than the original with support for microSD cards up to 2GB. It will retail for around €400.