The music accessories launched by Nokia yesterday were a mere preview to the music service and devices that the company unveiled today.

In addition to launching a music service called Music Recommenders, Nokia also released special black editions of the N70, N73, and N91, as well as unveiling the N75 and N95 multimedia mobile devices.

All five devices are designed to work seamlessly with Music Recommenders, which brings together new music across twelve genres from independent record stores that include Fat Beats in New York, Pure Groove in London, and Hard Wax in Berlin. Experts will bring together music from their genres, which will then create playlists for subscribers who can listen to sample clips and buy the tracks they like through their mobiles and computers.

David Bowie is the headline celebrity for the new venture, and will be contributing through features and podcasts each month, as well as appearing in a short film shot by Wim Wenders.

Music Recommenders will be available starting in November; visit the


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