It’s been a busy day over at Nokia, which released four new stylish and expensive phones, three of which belong to its L’Amour Collection and one of which, the Sirocco, is rumoured to make an appearance in the upcoming Bond film

The 7390 clamshell is Nokia’s first 3G fashion phone, and packs a lot of high-spec features into its Powder Pink and Bronze Black casing.

It is equipped with a 3MP camera with flash, supports WCDMA connectivity for high-speed video streaming and calling, and incorporates a music player.

The 7373 swivels around a hinge to reveal its keyboard, and features a casing with embossed finishing and elaborate tribal markings.

It’s available in three colours: Bronze Black, Powder Pink, and Black Chrome. A 2MP camera, music and video player, stereo speakers, and bundled headset, pouch, and “phone jewellery”, whatever that may be, round out the features.

The 7360 candy bar features a lower-res camera, stereo FM radio, MP3 ring tones, and is, in a flight of fancy by Nokia PR, “undoubtedly the phone that Lewis Carroll’s Alice would have used had she needed to make a call from Wonderland”. If that makes it desirable to you, you’ll have to shell out €200 for the privilege.

Finally, we haven’t forgotten the Sirocco edition phone, which is rumoured to be carefully placed in the new James Bond film, “Casino Royale”.

The main difference from the 8800 luxury phone is that it now features a 2MP camera, and a slight redesign of the keyboard and navigator control. Are you ready for the price? It’s a whopping €1000 before taxes.

The estimated prices for the 7390 and 7373 are expected to be around €450 and €350 respectively.