Nokia has teamed up with a company in the Philippines to launch a new mobile-to-blog service.

Globe Telecom customers can upload their photos, video clips, and text from their Nseries device straight to G-Blogs, Globe's mobile blogging service.

The first two Nokia mobiles to support this feature are the N93 and N73 multimedia computers.

If users want to go back and add a bit more sophistication to their blog, they can do so through Nokia LifeBlog, a software solution that helps to organise media content downloaded to a computer from a mobile and prepare it for upload to a blog.

LifeBlog content can already be uploaded to a TypePad blog account, and it has an open posting protocol so that any blog service can be made compatible to it.

However, the announcement with Globe Telecom marks the first time content can be directly uploaded to an online blog without the need for transfer from a PC.

In a statement to Pocket-lint, a Nokia spokesperson said that although the company is in discussions with other 3rd parties about other online sharing solutions, they were unable to "comment on the schedules of potential announcements."