Vodafone UK has nabbed the exclusive right to sell the new Nokia 6234 in its British stores.

The handset features a 2MP camera with an 8x digital zoom, QVGA colour screen, digital music player, and stereo speakers.

Thanks to the agreement with Vodafone, Nokia 6234 users can access Vodafone live! with 3G to download music, videos and games, as well as receive coverage of this summer's cricket matches via Sky Mobile TV.

High-speed data transfer is said to be up to six times faster than ISDN rates.

The phone can handle MMS messages of up to 300kb in size, and can send images and videos to email recipients as well. It comes equipped with 6MB of internal memory, and a 64MB MicroSD card comes with the phone.

Vodafone is offering the mobile for both prepay and contract. The phone is free on an Anytime 200 plan and above, and costs