Germany phone users will soon be able to start using a dual-mode telephony similar to BT Fusion launched by BT in this country following a deal struck between T-Mobile's owners Deutsche Telekom and Nokia.

Called T-One, the service is based around an integrated dual-mode telephony solution that combine fixed line and mobile communications together.

The service, which is being piloted using the Nokia N80 and Nokia E60 handsets.

Using the WLAN enabled Nokia N80 and Nokia E60 devices, customers will be able to use the same data and voice services from home or on the go through a T-Com HotSpot.

The Nokia E60 and the Nokia N80 are the first Nokia devices that are able to support SIP-based Internet Calls.

Both of these devices work on GSM, WCDMA and WLAN networks. The Nokia N80 is also the first handset to enable seamless home media networking between compatible TVs, audio systems and PCs.