Nokia mobile phone users looking to play MP3 tracks have been given a new option today with the launch of an MP3 player for phones regardless of your model.

Called the Mad Dog Player all you need to do is download the player that will then scan your mobile phone for MP3s and let you play your favourite tunes.

It also allows you to swap files between your PC and mobile phone.

The catch however is that you have to find a 13-19-year-old to sign up to the company's website ( to be able to access it.

The site, which is an online community, allows teenagers to chat to tens of thousands of teenagers across the globe and swap and earn reward points on the website.

Reward points called "bones" are easily earned by signing up, getting people to join the site, entering competitions and other activities and these can then be traded for wallpapers, the MP3 player and other such stuff.

The Mad Dog Player is currently only compatible with Nokia mobile phones, but the company says more handsets will be compatible shortly.