Nokia has released yet another mobile phone - this time the 8800. The new model is encased in a stainless steel body and glides open to reveal the number pad.

According to Nokia, the phone has a “Zen-like goal to balance form and functionality, the guiding principle of Nokia's designers and engineers was to create a truly modern mobile phone, the epitome of style and elegance, which would be a pleasure to use and a delight to behold.”

The release goes on to say:

“The organic flowing lines and dynamic surfaces perfectly complement the stainless steel and resin materials -- steel for its tensile strength and durability, and resin for its organic properties. The result is an elegant, 'human' design, comprised of materials destined to age with grace.”

We say it's a metal cased phone that slides to conceal the keypad when not in use. Judge for yourself by the accompanying images.

The ‘pop-u' mechanism uses a bi-stable spring mechanism and stainless steel ball bearings, while the phone itself uses the same 208x208 pixel display found on the Nokia 6230i, and the in built digital camera offers a surprisingly low 800x600 pixel (0.5 megapixel) resolution. The Phone also supports Triband and Bluetooth connectivity. Encased in metal makes it slightly heavier than most at 134 grams, and the unit measures in at 107x45x15mm. MP3 player, email client and FM radio are among the multimedia facets of the 8800.

The Nokia 8800 is expected to begin shipping some time before June in the UK. For the American's an 8801 has been announced with exactly the same features, but designed expressly for the Americas Market. That however won't be shipping in the US until September.