Nokia today unveiled three new mobile phones, aiming dead centre at the midrange The highlight of this announcement is the Nokia 6230i camera phone, which now features a megapixel camera and push-to-talk to the existing Nokia 6230. The Nokia 6230i and the Nokia 6021 are expected to start shipping in Q2 and the Nokia 6030 in Q3 2005, right in time for Xmas.

That much-vaunted camera is rated to 1.3 mega pixels with a 3 x digital zoom. The video recorder function allows users to record clips of up to one hour, based on the storage size of the MMC card included in the sales package.

For music lovers, the Nokia 6230i is able to play back MP3, M4A and AAC. Now, favorite tunes from a CD library can easily be converted via PC software and loaded directly onto the Nokia 6230i. An FM radio with Visual Radio nicely rounds out the audio features of the Nokia 6230i, according to Nokia - that's if you can be bothered with radio at all, or stick to your own selection. If you've an iPod, the whole music playback section may in fact, be redundant.

Push to talk technology may be slightly more useful and less commonplace- as long as you haven't upgraded in the past year. Connecting to others over GPRS will give you that childhood's toy walkie-talkie feeling. This retooled model follows earlier announced models but this is intended to try and attract the "maybe, maybe not" market who may switch depending on the network's airtime package.

The new Nokia 6021 keeps Bluetooth but dumps some of the more fun features by aiming at the business market, though it can still connect to a PC to synchronise contacts and calendars. If you're a travelling salesman you can stay within the law with the usual handsfree in-car set, and use your voice to dial your numbers.

The Nokia 6030 keeps the FM radio and wallpapers but is expected to chase the tweens hunting for maybe their first or second ever handset. That said, for the UK it's all the deal that comes with it, though Christmas 2005 should bring a range of options. Either that, or stores will sell up from it to shift more of the other two. More information and first looks when CeBit arrives.