Nokia has announced three new phones at a conference in Monte Carlo today, two of which expand the companies camera phone line up. More interestingly still is the resurgence of an adapted 7700 in the form of the 7710.

The 3230 will expand Nokia's range of camera phones and sports a megapixel digital camera, 65K colour screen, video recording capabilities, Bluetooth, triband and FM radio. The phone will also support Nokia's new Push-to-Talk protocol and be available in the first quarter of 2005.

Also launched was the 7710, a widescreen multimedia smartphone that seems to have been born from the 7700 that never made it to fruition. Controlled by pen input and handwriting recognition, the 7710 will be tri-band, have an internet brower, an integrated music player with stereo audio, and an extensive set of video features. It features a megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom, supports push email, and has a VPN client and free user memory of up to 90 MB plus 128 MB on the included MultiMediaCard. It too will be available early next year.

Nokia also announced the Nokia 6020.