Nokia it seems is intent on creating mobile phones for the fashion conscious and has announced three new models to woo the public with.

Supposedly inspired by the lavish 1920's, the three new phones - the 7280, 7270 and 7260, are a blend of art deco styling with a edgy, modern day twist. What this translates to in real-terms is plenty of shiny lacquer and chrome finishes.

The 7280 - the strangest of the three foregoes the keyboard all together for a NaviSpinner controller that you're now supposed to use instead to a navigate around the menu system as well as dialing on the virtual screen. Combine that with a VGA camera and Bluetooth all in a casing that looks like it should fit in a makeup bag and you've got an interesting product on your hands.

The 7270 is another clamshell from Nokia this time encased in an etched stainless steel housing. It has a built-in FM tuner and VGA digital camera.

While the 7260 is very similar to the 7610 but with not so good a camera - its only VGA compared to the 7610's 1 megapixel version, substitute the Symbian Series 40 OS for Series 60, and add in an FM tuner.