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(Pocket-lint) - Not much has been said about Nokia's future plans recently - except for the admission that it's going to be launching an affordable 5G handset in 2020.

There's a new report that suggests that Nokia won't be updating its flagship phone until later in the year. Whether this is a delay, or something that Nokia had always planned isn't known, but it's suggested that this is because Nokia wants to use the latest Snapdragon 865 hardware.


When Nokia announced that Nokia 9 PureView, the phone was sitting on older Snapdragon 945 hardware, rather than using the Snapdragon 855 that other flagship phones was launching on. That immediately set it at a spec sheet disadvantage - no one wants to buy something that they know is already out of date. Nokia said that the reason for this was because of the development time needed to get the complex camera system working with the hardware - and that it wanted to launch the phone, rather than delay.

There was a rumour in July 2019 that Nokia was going to update the Nokia 9 with Snapdragon 855 - something that never happened. After the handset received mixed reviews, it would be understandable that Nokia wants to do everything to give its flagship the best chance it can. 

This update has previously been called the Nokia 9.1 and there's the suggestion that Nokia will jump straight to Nokia 9.2 instead, which perhaps seems unnecessary. The timing, though, would fit in with an IFA 2020 launch - and that would still get this phone into the hands of the global media and put it on the world stage. 

At the moment there's little information and we have nothing to verify the details of this tweet - but Nokia's recent communication has all been about affordable 5G phones - and we're expecting to see the Nokia 8.2 at MWC 2020 as the focus of attention.

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Writing by Chris Hall.