(Pocket-lint) - Nokia couldn't present its new phones at Mobile World Congress as it didn't happen because of you-know-what and so there is a replacement event happening on 19 March, which will be online only.

We don't have the full picture about what will be launched, but we do know that Nokia will use the event to launch its first 5G phone which also features in the now-postponed James Bond film No Time To Die. The event is titled "Unveiling the new chapter for Nokia phones" which alludes a little to the next generation of mobile which is, of course, 5G. 

We've collected all the details floating around about the launch for you here, including when and where it's happening, and how you can watch it. 

When is the Nokia launch?

The launch event is happening on 19 March at 16:30 GMT. Some local times are as follows:

  • San Francisco: 09:30
  • New York: 12:30
  • London: 16:30
  • Berlin: 17:30
  • New Delhi: 22:00
  • Beijing: 00:30 20 March
  • Sydney: 03:30 20 March

We don't know how long the event will last, but that starting time is official. 

Can I watch it online?

The good news is that Nokia will have a live stream on YouTube where you can watch the launch as it happens and we've embedded that video above.

It's also using the hashtag #Nokiamobilelive to talk about the announcement on Twitter, so be sure to check that hashtag out around the time of the live stream to see what people are saying and if any more details have yet dropped. 

What are we expecting?

As mentioned we know that a 5G phone will be revealed at the launch. Nokia is a long-term Qualcomm partner and has been talking about an affordable 5G handset for some time, so we're expecting it to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. 

Rumours have pointed to the Nokia 8.3 as being the name for the 5G phone for a while. 

We are also expecting something to launch known as either Nokia 5.2 or Nokia 5.3. This probably won't be the 5G phone but it is possible - although the 5.x phones have been fairly budget-orientated so far. 

This phone is reported to have a quad-camera system with a 16-megapixel main lens, plus a 5-megapixel and two 8-megapixel cameras. We'll have to wait and see what's actually launch and what functions they offer.

It was also confirmed that Nokia would be launching a new Nokia Original - and leaks have shown us an Xpress Music device. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.