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(Pocket-lint) - HMD Global - the keepers of the Nokia Mobile brand - have announced a sweeping range of new handsets - bringing back the flip phone with the Nokia 2720 Flip. 

The Nokia 2720 slots into the company's selection of feature phones, a segment of the market where Nokia sits in the number 1 slot, selling hundreds of millions of units globally. But before you dismiss this clamshell phone, it's worth looking at what it will actually do.

Running on KaiOS, it not only has those retro design charms, but it also offers a couple of Google services to keep you connected.

The inclusion of Google Assistant means you'll be able to use voice on your phone so you're not entirely disconnected. That will allow you not only Google Assistant functions, but the ability to message or place calls with your voice, without having to use the keyboard. There's also Google Maps, search and WhatsApp alongside other social media options.

Designed primarily for those who want an affordable and easy-to-use phone - with the large numerical keypad great for those wanting to avoid small buttons - there's a hint of digital detox chic to this phone. 

Yes, the pictures from the 2-megapixel camera probably won't look great once you get them on Facebook, but you can load it up with a 32GB microSD full of music, plug in your headphones and zone out for hours and hours.

And how many €89 smartphones can do that?

It's not just the Flip that Nokia is introducing, there's also the Nokia 800 Tough. This is designed to be Nokia's hardest phone ever. It's rubberised, offering military standard protection and full IP68 waterproofing.

It also claims the title for the longest standby time of any Nokia phone at 43 days. Yes, it might have limited appeal among the smartphone crowd, but it offers the same functions as the Flip on the software front, so it will cover the basics.

If you need to stay connected and are always smashing up phones, then the Nokia 800 Tough at €109 might be just the phone for you.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 3 September 2019.