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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia could have scrapped the Nokia 9 it was planning to launch later this year in favour of a Nokia 8 Pro instead.

Either that or the Nokia 8 Pro could be the fabled Nokia 10 with an all-new name. Whichever is the case, Nokia Power User claims its sources point to the new phone being a flagship to be released in August or September.

The website states that the Nokia 10 is no longer in owner HMD Global's plans and that it will concentrate its efforts on the 8 Pro.

What's more, the Pro will likely come with the penta-lens camera module previously said to come with the Nokia 10.

It is a circular lens module, said to come with five options for focal lengths, and looks a bit like the camera on the rear of the four-year-old Nokia Lumia 1020.

Indeed, when there were rumours of a Nokia 10, we might have spotted a sketch of it circulating around the 'net (above).

Other speculation on the Nokia 8 Pro suggests that it will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It'll also have a fingerprint sensor on the rear under the camera and glass covering front and back.

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It could also sport an 18:9 display, which is sensible considering that's rapidly becoming the screen format of choice for higher-end phones.

We doubt we'll hear much about it at Mobile World Congress next week, considering it's not tipped for release until late summer/autumn, but we do expect to hear more rumours in the coming months.

Writing by Rik Henderson.