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(Pocket-lint) - With Microsoft ditching the Nokia name for its latest Lumia phone, the Lumia 535, it looked like that would be the last time we'd ever see the iconic brand adorn a mid- to high-end device. But while the Finnish company that sold its devices division to Microsoft is not allowed to tag "Nokia" to any mobile product until the end of 2016, it is free to licence it for other non-competitive products. And it will.

The president of Nokia technologies, Ramzi Haidamus, revealed during Nokia's capital markets day that the company plans to capitalise on the company's good name by licensing the brand to other manufacturers. "It is our goal to start licensing our brand in areas other than these two restricted areas, starting this quarter actually," he said.

Companies who make products that are in "areas where the brand is relevant" can therefore pay to have the Nokia moniker on their devices. A Nokia camera wouldn't be a ridiculous idea, for example.

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The quality of the products would have to be considered, with Haidamus saying that to get the Nokia name each product would have to "look and feel just like Nokia built it". It might even manufacture some itself or distribute them for third-party manufacturers.

"We will consider taking those products directly to the consumer," he said.

Microsoft will continue to make Nokia feature phone handsets for entry-level markets, thanks to a 10-year licensing deal that was signed during the acquisition.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.