Windows Phone 8.1 continues to grow, as the operating system now offers the free-to-download Video Tuner app for on-device video editing.

Although the announcement coincides with the release of the Lumia 930 in some territories - and ahead of the phone's 17 July release in the UK - all Windows Phone 8.1 devices will be compatible. It's just a case of downloading the app.

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Video Tuner brings the ability to adjust captured video footage, or open imported MP4 video clips. Whether by trimming a clip, slowing down its playback speed, adding a filter, cropping, rotating the orientation - the death of vertical videos? - or enhancing colours, there are loads of options. You can even add MP3 audio from your library for a booming soundtrack.

It's then possible to share edited clips from your Windows Phone device. From Vine to Instagram, Video Tuner can output the relevant format, although it won't sync directly with the Vine app - you'll need to output the video first, then open Vine to share.

Best of all Video Tuner is free. This is Windows Phone on the up, all thanks to the latest 8.1 platform.