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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia may have sold its phone business to Microsoft but it's still being as pioneering as ever. After teaming up with SK Telecoms the two managed to achieve an LTE connection speed of 3.78Gbps.

Current 4G LTE-A which is rolling out in London this year can achieve a top speed of 300Mbps. A big jump from the 150Mbps limit of current 4G LTE. But it's still a long way off from this 3.78Gbps achievement.

The trial allowed for the download of an entire 5GB high-definition movie file in just 11 seconds. It used combined 10 spectrum frequencies for both FDD and TDD LTE for 200Mhz bandwidth. By layering the number of sources of data it is thought faster speeds can be achieved – this ability to take multiple streams will become a big selling factor in phone upgrades of the near future.

Of course no mobile in existence right now would be able to access these kinds of speeds, nor many modems. But it's great to see progress being made as over-the-air data becomes used more and more in daily life.

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Alex Jinsung Choi, executive VP and head of ICT R&D at SK Telecom said: "This significant throughput achievement is a proof-point of our leadership in providing the fastest connections and the highest quality for subscribers who use advanced data services."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.