If there's one way to prove a manufacturer builds a great phone it's a real-world gunshot test. Nokia appears to have passed that test after a Lumia 520 saved a man's life by deflecting a bullet.

The Nokia Lumia 520 gave its little lifecycle for that man's intact arse.

The Nokia Lumia 520 was sat in the back pocket of a Brazilian military police officer. He was taking his uniform to his mother's to be washed when he arrived to find his parents being held hostage. The two criminals, seeing his uniform, opened fire. The officer fled and would have taken a round in the behind if it wasn't for his mobile deflecting the bullet.

The phone was completely destroyed but managed to offer enough strength to stop the bullet from passing through. The lucky Lumia owner escaped the two shots fired at him without any injuries. The two criminals escaped before the police could catch them.

Nokia, or Microsoft, certainly has a customer for life in that lucky guy.

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