Nokia has scheduled an event at the start of Build, the Microsoft conference in San Francisco, on the 2 April.

The company, which is still in the process of being bought by Microsoft, hasn't said what it will be announcing, however has stated that attendees should get ready for "More Lumia" with a  hashtag of course.

The animated invite features the word more with the "O" replaced by a camera, a map, a compass, and a smiley face. 

nokia lumia 630 expected at lumia build event image 2

With Windows Phone 8.1 due soon, and the conference aimed at all things Microsoft, we should probably expect the launch of the much rumoured Lumia 630 (Moneypenny) and possibly the Lumia 930 (Martini).

The Nokia Lumia 630 leaked in February as the first Windows Phone with buttons on screen. According to rumours, the Lumia 630 was clocked with a 5-megapixel camera without a flash and is aimed at the low end of the scale. The 930 is expected to be a replacement for the business savvy 925 launched this time last year.