Nokia could reveal a new Lumia phone, under wraps right now, with the codename Martini.

At Mobile World Congress last week Nokia unveiled its Nokia X line-up of phones which use a Windows operating system, called Nokia X Software Platform, capable of delivering Android apps. This was aimed at developing markets. Now Nokia's back to working on the Lumia line-up.

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The Martini code-name was leaked by @evleaks, who had a lot of accurate Nokia X leaks ahead of launch. So he appears to know a Microsoft source that's spilling all the beans. But when we'll see more isn't clear.

Microsoft will hold its Build developer conference in a month where it's expected to release Windows Phone 8.1 and new Windows devices. This could be the place Martini makes its appearance.

This reveal could be the first device to come out of Nokia with the new Microsoft owner's branding on the front. We'll just have to wait and see.