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(Pocket-lint) - Imagine being alerted every time you left something on a train or in a pub - you'd never lose anything. That's the goal of the Nokia Treasure Tag.

The Treasure Tag can be attached to pretty much anything, like your keys or wallet. The Tag is connected to your Lumia phone wirelessly and will cause your phone to alert you when it is out of range. This isn't a new idea but it's the first time a Lumia specific device has been on sale.

The 30x30x10mm devices is only 13g so shouldn't be noticeable, even on a key ring. It comes in yellow, cyan, black and white and connects using NFC and Bluetooth. The Treasure Tag itself can also emit a noise so finding your keys is as easy and following the sound.

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You can attach four Tags to a Lumia phone at a time and each one should last up to six months on a coin sized CR2032 battery.

The Nokia Treasure Tag will be on sale in April for €24.90. It will only work with Nokia Lumia devices with the Lumia Black update installed.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 19 February 2014.