Nokia has teamed up with fashion design duo Fyodor Golan to create a phone dress.

The skirt, which has been created especially for Nokia to celebrate London Fashion Week,will feature 35 Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones and be shown off this week. 

nokia lumia 1520 dress to be shown at london fashion week image 4

Created by KIN, it uses static pictures captured by the phone, or live feeds on the 35 screens that adorn it, that allow it to change around the wearer and their day.

KIN, who worked with Fyodor Golan, described the dress as “a wearable and experimental piece of technology”. The research and design studio said: “We’ve designed and programmed tiled video walls, and developed mobile apps, as well as bespoke special camera apps, but nothing quite like this.” 

nokia lumia 1520 dress to be shown at london fashion week image 2

Nokia told Pocket-lint: "Images on the screens change colour as the skirt moves, creating a shimmer effect simulating the realistic tactile character of actual fabric. This is achieved through a purpose-built app that utilises global positioning to ensure the shimmer happens in line with the model's movement. It is believed that this is the first time a skirt of this kind has been created." 

Nokia hasn't said whether the dress will be on sale or not. Would you wear it?