Nokia already impressed us with the Lumia 1520 and it looks like the Microsoft owned mobile maker isn't going to stop there. The Lumia 1820 sounds astonishing.

Rumour has it that the Nokia Lumia 1820 will come packing the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor backed by a hefty 3GB of RAM. The screen should be dazzling at 5.2-inch with a 2K resolution. It will also cram in a juicy 3400mAh battery and 32GB expandable storage. And, of course, it'll have a Xenon flash and the Lytro-like Refocus smarts we've come to expect from top end Lumias.

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Nokia, never one to take it easy these days, should also be revealing a new Lumia 1525 phablet. This 6-inch device has fewer details leaked but we can probably expect similar specs plus a 25/30-megapixel camera. Also, and this sounds a bit of a stretch, it will use solar charging.

In all honesty we enjoyed writing that. It's not often specs are so impressive. But saying that this comes as rumours from @evleaks and @NextLeaks. They're usually good sources but we're still keeping the old salt mill close.

We hope to see Nokia unveil its new handsets at Mobile World Congress in February.