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(Pocket-lint) - A much-anticipated software update is starting to roll out for all Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets around the world, bringing new features, improvements in imaging, and more apps.

Called Lumia Black, the update features many key enhancements, including: an App Folder for better app organisation from the Start screen, Nokia Glance screen 2.0 for easier tracking of notifications from phone, email, social networks, and other apps in real-time, and support for Bluetooth LE.

The Lumia Black software update also brings the Nokia Refocus imaging app, Nokia Beamer for sending files to any HTML5-enables screen, as well as Nokia Storyteller, which auto-arranges photos for you. There's also a Nokia Camera app. It combines the Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera and features raw DNG support for Lumia 1020 owners.

Nokia Lumia owners will have access to the newest imaging algorithms; Lumia Black sports many welcomed changes to image quality, especially for the Lumia 1020, such as an oversampling algorithm that reduces noise. Beyond imaging tweaks, Lumia Black offers improvements like a safe driving mode, customised ringtones, and the ability to close apps in multitasking view.

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The Lumia Black update will land today for Lumia 1020 and 925 smartphones, while other Lumia models can expect to see their update arrive in the coming weeks. Nokia Lumia handsets will notify you when the update has hit, or you can go to Settings, then Phone update, and proceed with download and install.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 9 January 2014.