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(Pocket-lint) - This is the second time we've seen Nokia's alleged Android phone. But once again it comes by the way of EvLeaks, and not officially from Nokia - leaving us with a healthy level of skepticism. 

The handset - dubbed Normandy - looks like a budget Nokia Asha without the clear outer shell. It features the same single back "button" and basic flash-free rear camera as the budget line. To add to the madness, these new photos also show off an alleged Android OS, fueling the rumour flames.

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Our first thought was why would Microsoft, having just bought Nokia and having such a deep investment in its own Windows Phone 8 software, want to launch an Android OS? Then we realised this budget handset would be a great way to spread Microsoft's apps and cloud platforms in poorer markets where Android is already know.

The screenshots confirm the device will be dual-SIM capable, feature apps like Skype and offer some form of calendar and screen notifications. While it doesn't really confirm this is Android, it's certainly not the Windows Phone OS we've come to know.

So if this is a Nokia Android handset, it's likely to be a budget one that only makes it to developing nations. But with Microsoft probably expecting a return on its Nokia buyout investment we could see this arrive in the first half of 2014, if the duo do decide to bring it to market.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 8 January 2014.