Nokia Music is going cross platform, according to a report out of China. The service, which is an answer to Apple's iTunes, brings Lumia users and the like a slew of songs, artists, and albums in 43 countries. 

Nokia is said to be releasing the web app versions of Nokia Music to iOS, Android, Mac and Windows platforms to let users deep in the Nokia ecosystem jam out. There's no word on when.

For £3.99 a month, Nokia Music+ offers the ability to save playlists in order to download tracks for offline listening, such as when you're on the Tube or if you don't want to cane your data plan. At present you can download only up to four mixes on the free version, and this is lifted completely. It also adds an infinite amount of song skips.

The cross-platform rumour has surfaced despite talk Nokia will shutdown Nokia Music once the acquisition by Microsoft is completed. Many believe Microsoft will roll Nokia Music's features into the existing Xbox Music platform.

The leaked graphic obtained by ictech indicates otherwise.

nokia music coming to ios android and desktop according to leaked graphic image 2