It's set to be a big day in Microsoft-land on 22 November. 

According to WPCentral, which has a solid record in reporting on the Microsoft ecosystem, Nokia is set to release its Lumia 2520 tablet and Lumia 1520 phablet on 22 November. Does that date ring a bell? It's also the release date for the Xbox One. 

Both products were reportedly set to debut on 15 November, but have been subsequently pushed back a week. AT&T (black version) and Verizon (red and black version) will both stock Nokia's new Windows RT tablet, with the Lumia 1520 launching exclusively to AT&T in black, white, yellow, and red. No word on UK specifics.

Soon to be Microsoft-owned Nokia debuted its Lumia 2520 and Lumia 1520 at an Abu Dhabi press event in October. The Lumia 2520 tablet runs Microsoft's Windows RT operating system, and is priced and spec'd similarly to Apple's iPad. The Lumia 1520 runs Windows Phone 8, looking to take on other larger handsets in the phablet market from LG, Samsung, and other major players.

It appears Microsoft is looking to go all out on 22 November. The launch of the Xbox One is suspected to be a big event, as pre-orders have become scarce for the next-generation console since its announcement last spring. The launch of Nokia's new Lumia devices won't see nearly the turnout as the Xbox One for obvious reasons, but nonetheless, Microsoft fanboys will have plenty to gawk over that day.