Nokia on Monday released a new advert video for the Lumia 925 that takes specific aim at Apple's iPhone 5.

Apple likes to emphasise that consumers capture more photos with the iPhone than any with other camera in the market, but the latest Lumia 925 advert has one-upped Apple and claimed that Nokia "prefers to build for quality, not just quantity".

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But that's not the most interesting part of the new advert. The video shows people using the Lumia 925 in a variety of fun and memorable settings to capture photos. It then repeatedly compares and cross-references those photos to photos taken with an iPhone 5. In each instance, of course, Nokia's Lumia 925 outshines Apple's iPhone 5.

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If interested, read Pocket-lint's review of the Lumia 925 camera. We said it was a decent smartphone with a built-in camera system as good as - if not sometimes better than - any current smartphone competitor on the market. That said, check out the Nokia advert video below to see if you also agree with Nokia's claims.